Seychelles music in the islands’ new cultural revolution


The Seychelles music scene is set to find its rightful place in the island’s new cultural revolution.

Five of the Seychelles most popular and famous musicians performed together in a spectacular musical show at the International Conference Centre of Victoria. Jean-Marc Volcy, Patrick Victor, Stephen Eliza, Sandra Esparon and Joseph Sinon performed some of their best songs to a dedicated group of friends and fans. Also present were the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange and the Minister responsible for Agriculture and Fisheries, Peter Sinon as well as the PS for Culture Benjamine Rose, Mr. Denis Rose and Mr. Alain Volcere among many others.

The importance of the Seychelles diverse music was dubbed ‘a cultural revolution’ but weeks ago by Jean-Marc Volcy. This same feeling of support being received from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and by the Minister Alain St.Ange himself was echoed by Patrick Victor, Stephen Eliza and Joseph Sinon during their performances at the International Conference Centre. Patrick Victor said that because of this support he felt that the time was now right for the music of Seychelles to take a new dimension and rise to new levels. Stephen Eliza used his first popular song of the evening to acknowledge the presence of Ministers St.Ange and Sinon at the show and re-echoing the appreciation of the new respect for musicians and local music. Joseph Sinon the main driver behind the show on his part thanked Minister Alain St.Ange for his support and for believing in musicians.

This musical show was to set in motion the planned tour mid next year of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands by these five popular artists working under the label of the “Seychelles Big 5.”

Minister Alain St.Ange, the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said as addresses those gathered at the International Conference Centre before the start of the musical show that he congratulated the ‘Seychelles Big 5’ for coming together to take Seychelles music beyond the shores of the Seychelles. “Together you are like a fist, alone you remain individual fingers of a hand. But as a fist, your fingers are united for a purpose and your strength is felt. This was the message I picked from Stephen Eliza during the last press conference by the Seychelles Big 5. Tonight I want to publicly state that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture will support the performing arts to take Seychelles music to new heights” Minister St.Ange said.