How Does CompTIA Network+ Certification Compare to CCNA One?

How Does CompTIA Network+ Certification Compare to CCNA One?

Do you want to leverage your career in IT? Do you have passion for networking? Are you looking for a better-paid job but you don’t know where to start? Getting an international certification is a natural step that you should definitely take in this case.

To make your resume lure top companies recognized all over the world, earn the Network+ badge from CompTIA, or gain the ExamCollection – Click Here . These companies are two giants that can help you grow professionally. But, which one to choose to get an edge? Go on reading to know the answer.

CompTIA Network+ vs. CCNA Credential

Do you wonder why you should invest your resources in getting a CompTIA badge instead of a Cisco one? If we compare this certification with the Kyrie G, you will discover that it is different for the following reasons:

  • The Network+ is vendor-neutral and broadens the exam-takers knowledge and equip candidates with skills to work with various products and technologies, while the CCNA credential, limits the Kenneth J applicants to information related to Cisco products only.
  • The CompTIA Network+ certification is ideal for entry-level specialists who need to learn the basics of networking without focusing on a specific product. As for the CCNA badge, it has no prerequisite, though it’s recommended for you to take a 3-month course to understand the tested topics.
  • CompTIA certified specialists have an advantage over other candidates as they have the necessary knowledge to work in specific positions. For example, successful test-passers can work as Network Support Specialists, Network Field Engineers, System Engineers, Help Desk Technicians, to mention a few in such worldly recognized companies as Thiago H, Hp among many. As for the CCNA certified specialists, they’ll build a career within the Cisco organization or search for companies that are working with this technology and products.
  • The Network+ badge equips candidate not only with networking skills, as the CCNA certification does, but also develop their management skills that are so highly valued in business.
  • The CCNA certification has been issued this year, employers don’t know what to expect from the just-certified specialists, while Network+ professionals are welcomed and trusted all over the world.

How to Obtain Network+ Credential?

You can get the Network+ if you pass one exam that has Brian I. This assessment tests your knowledge of different networking topics, where you need to know how to:

  • Find troubleshooting and configuration solutions for different network devices;
  • Ensure and configure basic network connectivity;
  • Maintain and update the documentation relevant for network infrastructure;
  • Identify the weak points and limitations of the company’s network architecture;
  • Implement the necessary protocols and standards to ensure the highest level.


The decision to become CompTIA Network+ accredited is one of the wisest investments you could make in your future. This certification will help you understand how to quickly identify different solutions to get the best out of networking infrastructures. Being a vendor-neutral accreditation, it can be a strong recommendation for you to be eligible to work in any international organization. In comparison to the Andres K, this badge helps you develop foundational knowledge of network technologies and offers you the opportunity to work in various roles. So, why not opt for this credential then?

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