Pretorius & McGrath, Ltd. today announced the opening of, the world’s first search engine designed specifically for Hawaii vacation rentals. By making it easy for vacationers to discover all of Hawaii’s vacation properties, the company believes it can stimulate the rental industry and Hawaii tourism in general.

Hawaii’s vacation rentals are scattered across thousands of web sites. Most properties are listed in multiple locations but often don’t include a name or unit number, making them difficult to identify. Rentals can be listed by both agents and owners but not always at the same price. For vacationers, searching and sifting through all the choices is a daunting and time-consuming task. finds, organizes, and catalogs Hawaii’s vacation rentals, indexing only the single most relevant source for each property.

To assist with vacation planning, the web site showcases Hawaii’s natural attractions with hundreds of panoramic photos. Interactive maps show the location of rentals relative to Hawaii’s best attractions. Guides and articles, including a guide to Hawaii’s Top Beaches, further aids tourists in discovering Hawaii. also hosts discussion forums and allows users to write rental reviews. For the first time, an independent web site will collect reviews of Hawaii’s individual condo units as well as vacation homes.

CEO James Pretorius believes represents the future of search engines, “A search engine that services a small niche can be customized to suit the information it deals with – from the way it organizes data, to the way people interact with it. The end result is a better user experience, where search results are always relevant and people can easily find the information they are looking for.” features many search tools to help people find rentals that match their preference. Search results are presented in a unique style that includes property photos, allowing vacationers to quickly shortlist rentals of interest.