SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – A national discussion was held July 1, 2008 that mapped out the way for adjusting the Federal Tourism Plan for 2014 and extending it into 2020, with a view toward analyzing the situation of the tourist sector in its new international context, reported El Salvador’s Ministry of Tourism (MITUR).

Minister of Tourism Ruben Rochi chaired the event and highlighted the significance of the meeting in light of the fact that the new dynamics of the Tourism Project in El Salvador are demanding a stronger shift toward change on the part of businesses as behavior patterns of travelers, both local and foreign, are changing.

Within that context, aspects of the international economic situation differ from those present four years ago when the Federal Tourism Plan for 2014 was drafted – such as high oil prices, the devaluation of the US dollar versus the Euro, changes in tourist travel patterns and more. “This new reality, at home and abroad, brings the need to revise and update what the country has done thus far. For this reason, we consider this national discussion important for adjusting the Federal Tourism Plan for 2014 and extending its reach to 2020,” said Rochi.

The Federal Tourism Plan for 2014 is one of the strongest pillars on which the sector rests because it sets the framework for developing and promoting El Salvador as a tourist destination. This plan also contains the Federal Tourism Strategy, which has become the guiding outline for tourist activities within El Salvador.

As the deciding agency in charge of the formulation of the nation’s tourist policy, MITUR will also be responsible for the technical coordination of this process, which will take place through the integration of work groups broken down by subject and the development of workshops to deal with the Plan’s components and organization.