eTN Inbox: Air travel taxes


Your article on airline taxes was timely and comprehensive. It is a disgrace how governments and local authorities are milking the airline passengers for all they are worth. In your case the taxes were 148 person of the fare. I have just flown to Greece on holiday and my taxes on a fare Miami/Athens with Iberia were just over 100 percent of the fare. This is ludicrous. If we were to purchase a car, and the salesperson tells us we would have to double the selling price to pay taxes, there would be an outcry from everyone, yet paying double or more for the price of an airline ticket seems to elicit little protest.

Regrettably these higher prices affect holiday makers on fixed incomes (such as me!), as well as ethnic travelers flying home to visit family, rather than the wealthy businessman, who can pass on the additional cost to his clients.

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What can be done? The airlines seem totally acquiescent in this situation. If the government put a 100 percent tax on cars, the dealers would be picketing the White House. Where are the airline people?

Yours sincerely,
Martin Crossland