Cologne Tourist Board issues new Visit Cologne guide

Cologne Tourist Board issues new Visit Cologne guide

The Cologne Tourist Board’s new compact Visit Cologne guide offers Cologne visitors and residents useful information and recommendations that make exploring the city a special experience. The guide’s contents, in English or German, are linked with more detailed information and services on digital platforms.

“We’d like to provide helpful information for guests coming to Cologne and to inspire and support them as they plan their stay,” explains Dr. Jürgen Amann, CEO of the Cologne Tourist Board. “In a further step toward enhanced digitalization, we are emphasizing easy digital links to the contents of our guide. Smartphone users can simply use a QR code to call up further information about the topics they are especially interested in.”

In addition to the section “Typical Cologne”, the guide delves into topics such as culture, culinary and shopping, as well as special tips for families or specific recommendations for planning day trips or half-day tours in Cologne. It also gives travelers insights into Cologne’s traditional neighborhoods, known as “Veedel” (quarters), combined with a Google Maps street map. “We’ll be delighted if our guests also get to know parts of our city that are off the beaten track, and we hope that Cologne residents will also take advantage of this offer. They might even discover some new favorite spots in their own home town,” says Dr. Amann.

The author of the Visit Cologne guide, travel journalist and Cologne specialist Ralf Johnen, is also enthusiastic about the new spectrum of offers. “The new Visit Cologne guide was a project that was really close to my heart,” he says. “After doing research on stories about destinations on six continents, I was now able to write in detail about my home town. What I especially love about Cologne is that even though it’s a big city it is easy to navigate. There’s very little distance between the distinct neighborhoods, and you can reach everywhere you need to go on foot. By comparison with other major cities, Cologne has not only beautiful but also rough sides, and that’s another thing I like about it. I’m glad the Cologne Tourist Board is using this attractive format to bring our guests closer to the city, its people, its neighborhoods and its zest for life.”

The first edition of the Visit Cologne guide consists of 5,000 copies in English and 10,000 copies in German. It is now available free of charge at the Service Center of the Cologne Tourist Board opposite the Cathedral. It is another part of the #inKöllezeHus (feel at home in Cologne) recovery campaign.

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