Prague has 7th largest foreign tourist number in Europe


The Czech capital of Prague ranked 7th among European cities in terms of foreign tourist numbers and was one of the twenty most visited cities by foreigners in the world in 2007, according to a chart published by the CzechTourism agency.

Prague fared better in 2007 compared with 2006, moving up one place and beating the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. The Czech capital should defend at least the 7th place even in 2008.

London, Paris and Rome maintained their long-term leading position on the world list.

Prague did well also in the global comparison, taking 19th place, CzechTourism figures have revealed.

London was the number one city destination both in Europe and the world for international travel in 2007, but the top five destinations were dominated by Asian capitals of Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore.

The chart of the Top City Destination is drafted by the Euromonitor International organisation every year. Due to the high number of data sources and delays at national statistics offices, the publication of the chart is delayed by one year.

Top City Destination 2007 – Europe

Ranking City Tourist numbers in mil. Pct change 2006/2007
1. London 15.3 – 1.9
2. Paris 8.8 – 10.2
3. Rome 6.1 + 1.5
4. Barcelona 5.0 + 7.4
5. Dublin 4.6 + 4.4
6. Moscow 4.0 + 9.6
7. Prague 4.0 + 8.3
8. Amsterdam 3.9 + 0.2
9. Vienna 3.6 + 4.5
10. Madrid 3.4 – 12.1