Italian chef kicked out of Zanzibar over sex scandal


DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) – An Italian chef from a luxury tourist resort in Tanzania’s tourist island of Zanzibar has been declared an illegal immigrant and kicked-off the Indian Ocean archipelago on accusations of impregnating four girls who worked for him.

Immigration authorities in the semi-autonomous archipelago found the Italian chef whose name has been held on legal grounds to have been having random sex with Zanzibari girls ending to impregnate four of his junior kitchen staff. The Italian chef was declared a prohibited immigrant few days ago.

Domestic workers union leaders in the island visited various tourist resorts and found that four kitchen staff had pregnancies of the same size, and when questioned they mentioned their Italian boss who had sex affair with them, probably during the same month.

Local employees working in foreign managed tourist resorts in the island have complained of mistreatment by their bosses through low wages and women forced to sex with male managers.

Famous for its warm sandy beaches, spice aroma, water-sports and old Arab architecture, the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar off the Tanzanian coast has during the past 15 years attracted quite a big number of tourist resort investors from the Mediterranean countries.

Italians are the leading section of foreign investors in luxury beach resorts there and are said to be fond of sex with local Zanzibar women.

Dominated mostly by Moslems and with rich Islamic cultures, Zanzibar stands the most tourist-haunted destination in Eastern African coastal beaches.

Political and civic leaders in the Island have raised an alarm over increasing number of people from East Africa and Europe going there to work in tourist hotels and some as sex workers.

Zanzibar received about 150,000 tourists last year, mostly beach tourists.

With a population of 900,000 people, Zanzibar archipelago is part of Tanzania but with its own president and government which has no powers on home security, military and foreign policy.

Following the sharp-drop of clove prices in global markets, Zanzibar’s economic mainstay is tourism, a sector that accounts for about 20 percent of the islands Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The archipelago of Zanzibar is located 40 nautical kilometers (25 nautical miles) off the coastline of mainland Tanzania and is popular by its fast growing tourism and luxury tourist accommodation facilities.