Training women in the travel industry


JEDDAH – Galileo by Travelport, one of the world’s largest global distribution system (GDS) providers, has announced the first ever ‘women only’ training program for travel agencies in Jeddah.

“At Travelport, our aim is always to be by your side. To help and assist you, whenever we can, which is why, we are organizing our first training session exclusively for women working in travel agencies in Jeddah,” a fax message, sent to all the travel agencies, said.

According to the message, the training program will familiarize women with Galileo and introduce them to its easy operations and comprehensive features.
The course that began Saturday has registered five Saudi women from different agencies. “Women have come from different agencies like Al-Attas and Al-Faris,” said a female official working with Travelport on condition of anonymity.

“Women from different travel agencies are trained in travel software as well as basic travel business like ticketing, seat booking, seat confirmation, ticket refund, booking of cars/hotels, etc.,” the female official said.
The training, she said, is basically intended to familiarize women with the Galileo software. It will help them in their careers.

The three-day course, which includes the Galileo Basic Reservations course for travel industry beginners (women only), began at Bin Homran Center yesterday. At the end of the course, a certificate will be issued to every candidate.
An estimated 600 travel agencies with 3,000 staff Kingdomwide use Galileo. “We have three offices staffed with 40 people in the Kingdom’s major cities,” an official said.