Airline passenger arrested on plane in Des Moines


A passenger on American Airlines flight 1571 was met by police in Des Moines on Tuesday following a complaint of a theft.

David Anthony Kuh, 24, of St. Paul, Minn., received a citation for fifth-degree theft.

American Airlines staff told Des Moines police that a passenger was going through the purse of another passenger and took some of the contents, including money and credit cards.

Priscilla Ann McNulty, 50, of St. Paul, is listed as the victim. A police report said airport operations officials notified police there was “a problem with a passenger.” The Chicago to Minneapolis flight had been diverted to Des Moines because of bad weather in Minnesota.

Kuh had been sitting next to McNulty on the plane, police said. McNulty asked to be moved because of his behavior. Her purse was under her seat.

Police said, “Kuh was able to reach McNulty’s purse and then went through it. A witness sitting across the aisle reported it. ”

Two credit cards and $12 in cash were taken, police said. Kuh was taken off the plane by police as the plane remained at the airport in Des Moines. Officers said he confessed to taking the credit cards and cash. The credit cards were found in a magazine at his seat.