Chicago O’Hare Site Of Two Christmas Eve Airline Incidents


American Airlines Flight 1544 — an MD-80 carrying 54 passengers and a crew of five — was taxiing into takeoff position on Runway 22-L at 7:15 p.m., when it hit an icy patch, said airline spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan.

An Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said no one was hurt and called the called the incident “nothing spectacular.” According to reports the left tires and nose slid onto the grass next to the taxiway.

Passengers evacuated the plane via the stairs and were bused back to the terminal, where arrangements are being made for their travel to their planned destination — Reagan National Airport outside Washington.

Currently the plane is blocking the way to the runway and Chicago Aviation Department spokesman Greg Cunningham says officials with the National Transportation Safety Board have to inspect the aircraft before it can be moved.

In a separate incident with an American Airlines MD-80 occurring on Wednesday the passenger plane carrying 76 passengers and a crew of five en route to St. Louis, Missouri, suffered engine problems and officials say it was forced to return.