Thailand tourism up from January to April


International tourist arrivals to Thailand posted a growth of 19.04% during January to April this year, according to Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ data.
Released late last week, the ministry’s research registered 8,841,730 trips to the country during the first 4 months, up from 7,427,772 visits during the same period last year.

In April alone, there were 2,013,012 trips, up 19.38% compared to 1,686,268 visits during the same month in 2012. The Songkran Festival in mid-April was identified as the key driver that drew tourists in a month when temperatures soar to almost unbearable levels in the Thai capital.

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China delivered a substantial growth of 91.05%, supplying 410,173 visits from 214,689.

Considering markets by regions, East Asia, Europe, and the Americas reported gains.

East Asia continues to be the top supplier, (ASEAN included), with a growth of 29.39% from 931,286 to 1,204,996 visits. All identified source markets in the region posted growth except for Cambodia (-23.86%), Laos (-14.58%), and the Philippines (-0.11%).

Trips from Myanmar grew 42.58%, Taiwan +37.73%, followed by Indonesia (+31.31%), Vietnam (+23.13%), Malaysia (+20.86%), Brunei (+20.83%), Japan (+9.65%), South Korea (+9.36%), Hong Kong (+5.44%), and Singapore (+4.13%).
Europe posted a growth of 19.44%, although some markets posted declines:
Ireland (-2.69%), Spain (-5.24%), Switzerland (-8.26%), and the United Kingdom (-5.42%).

The top 5 key markets that grew were: Finland (+72.87%), Sweden (+70.85%), Russia (+47.98%), East Europe (+33.16%), and Denmark (+24.55%).

The Americas recorded a slight growth of 0.19% to 91,268 from 91,097 visits. The main markets, USA and Brazil, posted an increase of 4.11% and 1.49%, respectively.

However, arrivals from Oceania, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East reported a decline of 19.61%, 5.98%, 5.88% and 5.45%, correspondingly.

TTR reported the tourism ministry recorded international tourists to Thailand at the country’s gateway: Suvarnabhumi Airport reached 1,354,673 visits in April increasing 21.81% from 1,112,081 visits during the same month last year.