Over 200 million people visit animal attractions in the US every year


LORAIN, OH – As Americans plan their vacations and animal attraction visits for this coming year, Zoo and Aquarium Visitor released their Top 10 Animal Attraction States list. By picking a state with a high density of animal attractions, vacations can be planned to visit the state to see and experience multiple attractions. With the majority of the population living in urban areas, animal attractions provide many Americans with their only connection to nature. A visit to an animal attraction is unlike a visit to any other tourist venue. Animal attractions are interesting, educational, interactive, and provide exercise along with many memorable experiences.

Zoo and Aquarium Visitor’s staff cross-referenced numerous directories to identify public aviaries, aquariums, wildlife drive-thru parks, zoos, and other major animal attractions in each state. Facilities such as pet stores, adoption facilities, local rehab centers, etc., were not counted.

“While California, Florida, and Texas were expected to top the list, the number of facilities we found in New York and Connecticut surprised us,” stated Rudy Socha, Zoo and Aquarium Visitor CEO. “Although we have many of the facilities listed on our web site, this exercise made us realize there are a still a number of facilities that have not yet provided us with their information.”

Zoo and Aquarium Visitor provides the public with current news, events, and items of interest from animal attractions around the world. Their focus is to encourage more people to visit more zoos and aquariums, more often.

Top 10 Animal Attraction States:

1. California
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. New York
5. Ohio
6. Illinois
7. North Carolina
8. Tennessee
9. Pennsylvania
10. Connecticut