A wonderful day in Ajloun, north of Jordan


For me, it was an amazing and wonderful day; for me, it was re-discovering my own country, Jordan, The Paradise.

I started from Amman, passing by the ancient cities of Jerash, Souf, and the Ishtafenah area – a wonderful landscape with green trees in both the left and right mountains. We reached Orjan village (Irjan village) where we were welcomed by Mrs. Um Ahmad for breakfast at her guesthouse. The breakfast was something very special – more than 30 delicious and tasty plates including (Hommos with Ajoun Olive Oil, Labaneh, different kinds of Jibnah, and much more). The guesthouse was located in Orjan Village surrounded by trees with a water fountain in the middle of the garden, which added an even more wonderful, pleasant atmosphere and fresh air. The Um Ahmad guesthouse accepts female guests only and consists of 3 bedrooms.

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This was followed by a visit to Mrs. Wisal, where the guesthouse was surrounded by verdant gardens that seemed to blend in with the forest in which they exist in Rasoun Village in the Ajloun mountains. The Wisal guesthouse welcomes couples in its 3 bedrooms.

The Rasoun tourist camp, located 13 km north of Ajloun, is over 1,000 meters above sea level and has a wonderful view of the green mountains and surrounding landscape. The camp provides sleeping tents with all that is needed for a peaceful and comfortable stay, along with delicious meals. In the camp, you can have an unforgettable adventure experience “disembarking from the rock,” using safety ropes and guided by specialists.

Arriving at the Sultans Lodge in Orjan Village, I passed rich groves of olives, and pomegranate and apricot trees. The house here offered simple accommodation with an outdoor terrace that included a small creek that was diverted to pass through under your feet. A delicious lunch was offered to us including Kusa Mehshi with Lamb, Warak Dawali, Shahshil, plus more; vegetarian food can also be ordered.

There was more to see and enjoy, so I moved on to visit the biscuit house where the locals prepare different kinds of healthy biscuits and a soap house made by locals from pure olive oil. There is also a 25-kilometer trail which runs through the villages of Rasoun, Orjan, and Baoun, and ends at Ajloun castle, which was developed in the year 2010 in partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature with the support of the USAID Jordan Tourism Developments Project.

Here in Ajloun and the surrounding villages, one finds a typical example of sustainable tourism, and it is with pride and pleasure that the kind people with the warm villagers’ hospitality invites people from all over the world – ladies and gents, children, young, seniors – to come and enjoy a few days with them in this wonderful place of nature.

Remember before you go to sleep to enjoy a shower with natural and mineral water using 100% pure olive oil soap produced in the region. And here’s an even greater surprise – you know how much it costs per person to stay in a clean room and have a healthy breakfast with fresh air and good company? Just $30.00, and this is during the best time – spring and summer. So as you revel in paradise, you will also be supporting the locals.

Enjoy Jordan, enjoy my country, and “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” (welcome).