Travelonly applauds BC rule changes


Travelonly president, Gregory Luciani is applauding the recent changes that the British Columbia government will be introducing to the province’s travel industry regulations beginning April 1, 2009.

“Travelonly has fought long and hard, all the way to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, for the rights and freedoms of home-based travel agents in BC and this is a victory for all of us,” Luciani said.

And while these revisions are encouraging, Luciani made it clear that they were “long overdue” and the travel industry in BC suffered greatly due to the lack of expediency.

He also said he believes the next hurdle for the regulators is to eliminate loop holes which allow Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies to sell travel without any skills or accreditation. This undermines the hard work and professional accreditation of legitimate home-based companies who strive to provide the best service for the travel consumer.

“The time to stop MLM in the travel industry in Canada is now and the future of the home-based travel agent depends on it.”