This holiday season, plant a tree and help those with cancer


In the true spirit of their winning ways, Holiday Inn Melaka displayed a huge Christmas tree in the lobby, constructed of 300 pots of small Christmas trees. These Christmas trees are to be adopted by donors consisting of guests, suppliers, and corporate clients.

“Donors can choose to grow them to green the environment in their home, office, or we will assist to plant them to green the Zoo Melaka. Proceeds will be donated to Cancerlink Foundation, and all trees will be planted in the Melaka Zoo during the Tree Planting Ceremony. To celebrate their winning ways, Holiday Inn Melaka would like to help these children who are afflicted with cancer and, at the same time, to green the environment,” said Christoph Voegeli, general manager of Holiday Inn Melaka.

The majority of childhood leukemias are acquired genetic diseases. This means that gene mutations and chromosome abnormalities in cells occur sporadically (by chance). Research found that factors such as environment, exposure to certain viruses, chemical exposures, and various infections have been associated with damage to the immune system. Hence, the immune system and the environment play an important role in protecting the body from diseases and possibly cancer.

Cancerlink Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, and it has been registered under the Registrar of Companies Act since July 31, 1986. It is gazetted as a tax-exempt charity. Cancerlink provides emotional, practical, and informational support for patients afflicted with cancer, members of theirs families, and friends. Volunteer input is a major strength of these programs.

To adopt a plant, please call Connie Chin directly at +60 6 285 9193.

For more information, please visit .