Coalition for an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights (CAPBOR) Questions Port Authority Task Force Report’s Fuzzy Math


NAPA VALLEY (TVLW) – Last week the New York/New Jersey Port Authority issued a task force report to address delays in New York / New Jersey area airports. The report intentionally avoided the subject of congestion pricing or capacity limits. Instead, the report claims that if their capacity-centric proposals freed up as few as six slots that would resolve the current congestion problem. “You can’t put ten pounds of apples in an eight pound bag”, said Kate Hanni, founder.

The FAA set a target maximum of 80 operations per hour at JFK instead of the current average of 100 operations per hour. “The math is simple, 100 operations minus 80 operations (FAA target) means 20 operations per hour must be dealt with, not six!”

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This report is an obvious preemptive strike against the Department of Transportation Aviation’s Rulemaking Committee (ARC) report due out this week. Most of the participants on the Port Authority task force are representing the same interests as those on the DOT committee. Even if the Port Authority Task Force proposals are implemented, it will take years to see the incremental improvements. “Passengers need immediate relief from these long on board delays,” said Hanni.

“There is a tacit admission in the report that they don’t have answers to the delay problem.” Clearly DOT/FAA officials and the President will be left to make the tough decisions that will ensure that airline passengers can make important connections in other cities, get to appointments on time, and not be subjected to endless hours sitting on airport tarmacs.”

There are a number of possible strategies to address the problem, capping flights, congestion pricing and the use of larger, more fuel efficient aircraft in certain situations – to name a few. The Coalition will make public its complete positions after the ARC report is released.

The Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights (CAPBOR) is the only non-profit consumer group in the U.S. CAPBOR is the fastest growing grassroots coalition in history with over 21,200 members in less than 10 months.