US citizen international travel down nearly two percent in February 2013


According to the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, U.S. travel to overseas markets totaled 1.82 million, down three percent in February.

Regional results were:

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Europe, 481,000 travelers, down three percent

Caribbean, 512,000 travelers, down five percent

Asia, 298,000 travelers, down six percent

Central America, 203,000 travelers, flat

South America, 139,000 travelers, flat

Middle East, 109,000 travelers, up four percent

Oceania, 57,000 travelers, up six percent

Africa, 23,000 travelers, up four percent

Overseas travel was down one percent year-to-date.

U.S. travel to North American markets totaled 2.18 million, down one percent from February 2012.

Mexico, 1.7 million travelers, flat; however, air travel (530,000) was up one percent

Canada, 526,000 travelers, down two percent; air travel (189,000) also down two percent

Travel to Canada and Mexico was flat year-to-date.

February 2013 Market Share

U.S. travel to overseas locations accounted for 46 percent of U.S. outbound international travel.

Europe, a 13 percent share;

Caribbean, a 12 percent share;

Asia, an eight percent share;

Central America, a five percent share;

South America, a three percent share;

Middle East, a three percent share;

Oceania, a one percent share, and

Africa, almost a one percent share

North American markets received 54 percent of all U.S. international outbound travel.

U.S. travel to Mexico a 42 percent share; and

Canada almost a 12 percent share.