eTN Inbox: Greetings from Mumbai!


What has happened in Mumbai is most unfortunate. We were hoping to have a good tourist season. However, in view of the recent siege, the next three months don’t look too exciting.

Terrorism is an ugly word, especially when one realizes the effects of it on tourism. Besides causing destruction in the city (country) where it occurs, it also causes a loss of confidence.

We normally send a note of apology to all our clients who want to come to India, expressing regret over what has transpired. And seek to reassure their feelings by letting them know they could visit our destination at a later convenient date.

We can only combat terrorism by following a joint effort which includes better security and intelligence measures, regular updates, confidence building measures and a since attempt to see such acts are not repeated in future.

It’s sad that a country with incredible surprises, which satiates the demands of most visitors, has suffered an untimely and unwarranted attack. This needs to be condemned by one and all.

The situation is returning to normal in Mumbai, security has been strengthened, there is an overall sense of urgency in tackling this “cancer” which threatens to ruin the livelihood of many hard-working people and one detects calm.

Kind Regards,

Hector Dsouza
Mumbai, India