British travel industry ‘more resilient to downturn’


The sale of foreign holidays to British consumers may represent a more resilient market than the travel industry in other countries, an industry insider believes.

A holiday – and in particular travelling abroad – is regarded by Britons as “an essential rather than a luxury”, according to a spokesperson from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

This is partly due to the fact that people have been travelling overseas in large numbers since the 1970s, he adds.

“We also have access to good deals, in terms of airline tickets and package tour operators prices, so we’ve got very good value – so all those things together really,” the spokesperson states.

Meanwhile the findings of a new survey have been released, which investigates the possible impact of the economic downturn on people’s holiday choices.

The Thomson and First Choice Trends Report 2008-2009 has found 47 per cent of people will not adjust their travel plans because of the economic situation.

It also revealed that 35 per cent of respondents do believe it will affect their choice of holiday destination.