Weddings in Thailand


Thailand will really captivate your imagination; it is both a wonderful place to get married, a unique country to experience for your honeymoon and the perfect place to celebrate any romantic occasion or special family get-together.

Prepare to be fascinated by the many faces that Thailand has to offer: temples and other cultural treasures, tropical rainforests, where you can trek on an elephant, beautiful islands and sandy beaches. The capital, Bangkok, is a huge, thriving metropolis and one of the world’s most vibrant cities. It has fabulous nightlife, shopping and every type of restaurant imaginable.

The islands are perhaps the most romantic part of Thailand. The largest, Phuket, is a fascinating mix of influences; Portuguese, Thai and Chinese, and is covered with forested hills, cliffs and beaches. For palm-fringed beaches, look no further than Koh Samui, with its stunning natural beauty. Krabi is another ideal destination for honeymooners, with beautiful beaches, charming cliffs, unspoilt offshore islands and verdant forests, with caves and waterfalls. Lush, green and mountainous, Koh Chang has a multitude of natural treasures, which visitors can explore. Pattaya is much loved, well-known beach destination on the mainland, with a great combination of city and beach life. Northern Thailand is also a truly special experience, with breathtaking countryside, a unique culture and plenty of opportunities for purchasing locally produced handicrafts.
Thailand is also famous for pampering its guests and has a tradition for relaxing and therapeutic Thai massage and spa treatments.
Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremonies

According to tradition, the religious wedding ceremony is often held at home. Monks are brought to the bride’s house where the ceremony takes place and the bride and groom kneel on the floor, in front of the monks.

The traditional wedding ceremonies include the following, which are incorporated into all wedding packages:

On the morning of the wedding, guests and friends meet at the groom’s house (your hotel room) carrying artistically arranged trays of fruits and delicacies. They then proceed to the bride’s house with dancing and long drums to signify their joyful agreement to the union. Traditionally, the crowd escorting the groom prevents the groom from entering the bride’s house, until he has paid a suitable amount of money. At Amari Hotels and Resorts, staff act as the family and join the parade around the hotel grounds.

A blessing by local monks where the couple are joined over their shoulders by a thread, originating from a statue of Buddha, then passing through the hands of all the monks. The bride and groom light a candle and 3 incense sticks together – one for Lord Buddha, one for his teachings and one for the monks. The monks conduct the blessing with chanting and prayers, which last about 45 minutes. At some of the resorts, this is conducted in a nearby temple.
Pook Meu
An individual blessing called Pook Meu by the most respected or senior guest, where the kneeling couple rest their arms on large pillows and have their wrists tied with white cotton thread symbolizing happiness, prosperity and healthy children. This ritual involves family members and close friends only. For guests who do not bring family, several members of the hotel staff are present to offer best wishes.
Rod Nam Sang
A communal blessing by all present called Rod Nam Sang, with the seated garlanded couple linked by a thread wound around their heads with their hands in front, as if in prayer. Guests, starting with the most senior, pour lustral water from a conch shell (Sang) over their outstretched hands. The water runs into beautiful silver bowls filled with fragrant blossoms and lotus petals. This is generally considered to be the most beautiful and moving part of a Thai wedding.