New Book on Kerala from Invis Group with online pre publication offer

Invis Infotech Pvt Ltd., announces the publication of a book on Kerala, titled Kerala: A Poem in Green and Gold, with an online prepublication offer.

The book is on Kerala, a state of India. Kerala has been rated as one of the 13 paradises and 50 must see destinations of the world by National Geographic Traveller. The book with around 200 photographs and text spread in more than 268 pages describes the history, heritage and culture of this land.

It is supposed to hit the market by 30th July 2008. However prepublication offer is available. Those who reserve their copy under prepublication scheme can save nearly one third of the price.

Kerala: A Poem in Green and Gold is written by Mr. K. Jayakumar, noted poet, lyricist and author. A widely traveled writer of eclectic interests and wide ranging experience, Jayakumar has several books to his credit.

The book is divided into 10 chapters. They include Rhapsody of Greenscape, A Story of Cultural Diffusion, A Many Splendoured Culture, The Enchanted World of Music and Movement, The Festive Spirit and Kerala Today. Details of the book are available at . It is also available at .

According to Prof. Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy who wrote foreword for this book,” here is a book that has dared to stray away, in spirit and language, from the primrose paths of tourism to capture the enigmatic beauty of Kerala in a strikingly truthful manner. Often books on travel and tourism dabble on chimerical surface attractions and fail to make deep studies of the land, its people and their culture.”