Email platform designed for travel companies to be unveiled at Travel Technology Europe


The TTE/BTS 2013 show will witness the launch of a centralized email and enquiry management platform built exclusively for travel management companies that seamlessly integrates email interaction, phone conversations, and chat conversations all into a single platform.

Azizt – a comprehensive email and enquiry management platform – will be launched at TTE/BTS 2013 on February 6 at 10:15 am at the IT Theatre arena, Earls Court, London.

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Azizt integrates with most major GDSs, and hence users of Azizt can import and convert PNRs or GDS-formatted itineraries into structured and readable emails. The platform enables all conversations between employees, customers, and the suppliers of travel organizations to be threaded, tracked, and monitored until closure.

Azizt offers the following capability to travel organizations:

– An excellent email management and distribution system: that routes emails received in a central mail box through either skill-based routing or priority routing to the most appropriate resource in the organization.

– Capability to auto-assign emails: to travel consultants on the basis of priority levels assigned to customers.

– Map customer SLAs into Azizt and set parameters including committed turn-around-time, mandatory number of options to be quoted for each response and customer specific messages or signatures helps travel organization’s serve their customers more effectively.

– Rights management capability, where managers or users with specific rights can reassign emails from one to the other and can also creep into emails and add remarks or place emails on hold that also ensures effective tracking.

– User defined templates or canned messages that are pre-set in the application can be used by travel consultants to respond to enquiries.

– Auto escalation process that escalates emails to reporting managers on account of non-fulfillment of client SLAs helps businesses have control on their email responses.

– The ability to create meaningful reports that help analyze valuable travel business data makes Azizt unique and relevant to travel organizations.

Be there at the TTE/BTS 2013 show London on February 6 at 10:15 am at the IT Theatre arena, Earls Court, London, to explore the advantage of this travel exclusive email management application.

To register for the launch, kindly email to [email protected] with the below details:

Attendee Name, Organization Name, Designation, E-mail, Phone, and Country Name.

Or to register for a personal appointment with Rajeev Kumar G, the CEO and Managing Director, or Norman Gage, the VP Europe, at the TTE/BTS 2013 on February 5 and 6, 2013. Kindly register with the link below.