Ctrip greens travel with new international carbon offset partnership


SHANGHAI, China – Through a newly-formed international carbon offset partnership, travelers in China can now take responsible action for the carbon emissions generated from travel and accommodations. By arranging travel plans online at Ctrip.com, China’s leading consolidator of hotel accommodations and airline tickets, consumers now have an option to offset their travel activities with specific renewable energy projects, including the Qingdao Wind Project in China, which are being supported by leading US carbon offset provider, NativeEnergy.

“We’re very excited to enable our customers the ability to offset their carbon footprint,” said CEO Min Fan. “This move is part of our drive to generate awareness for environmental issues, and this partnership is certainly a step in the right direction.”

Ctrip’s newly-established partnership with NativeEnergy enhances the company’s growing list of environmental initiatives. Travelers who book through Ctrip also earn points that can be redeemed to help conserve resources, plant trees, and decrease carbon emissions. Additionally, Ctrip has partnered with Shanghai Roots & Shoots and GECKO, two international organizations that are helping China meet its environmental challenges.

“As a leader in the international voluntary carbon market, NativeEnergy is very excited to partner with Ctrip,” said Tom Boucher, NativeEnergy president & CEO. “The climate crisis is a critical issue with a global impact, and it is through international collaborations such as this that we can engage more people, work together, and develop effective solutions.”