Merry Christmas to all from eTurboNews


‘Twas the night before Christmas
and at eTN
the editors were starting
to put down their pens.

Well, they weren’t really pens
of any accord
it was more like the slowing
of their clacking keyboards.

eTN Chatroom: Discuss with readers from around the world:

The publisher had just cleaned his house
don’t you know
but don’t feel sorry for him
because what you should know
is his home is perched high
with palms swaying in motion
with a view that looks out
on the Pacific Ocean.

The entire crew at eTurboNews
had wandering minds
as they started to muse.

They began to think back
over the days of the year
of the ups and the downs
and the joy and the fear.

There were earthquakes and storms
Mother Nature was busy
wreaking havoc on travel
and leaving all in a tizzy.

The economy here
and the economy far
seemed as raucus a ride
as a rollercoaster car.

The tourists were coming,
no wait, now they’re leaving.
The tour operators
were heaving and grieving.

But just as before
as in years before now
when troubles loomed large
we got through it somehow.

By joining together
as one global team
tourism has always come back
with full steam.

As we lay down our heads
and dream of those we hold dear,
we see with our hearts
our gifts are already here.

So thank you dear readers
you are each a delight,
and we wish you the merriest
and happiest tonight.

With best wishes for a very Merry Christmas,
from your team at eTurboNews