Explore Crimea – Ukrainian Riviera


If you look at the map of Ukraine you would discover a diamod-shaped peninsula of Crimea. Its turbulent history, along with abundance of natural monuments and architecture in combination with a mild Mediterranean climate, have made this area the most attractive place for tourism in Ukraine.

Crimea could boast of ancient Greek settlements such as Chersonesus, Italian Medieval fortresses in Sudak and Feodosia, a legacy of the Ottoman and Russian empires.

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Crimea became a popular tourist destination in 19th century. Many famous artists have visited the peninsula that remains immortalized in art and literature, and their places of residence have become popular destination for tourists. You can visit the 19th-century palaces in the South Coast to feel the atmosphere of oriental tale in Bakhchisarai just an hour away.

A variety of natural landscapes will not leave you unmoved. You will find mountains, prairies, forests, waterfalls here and even extinct Kara Dag volcano.

Sudak was the main film set of the peninsula which is reminiscent of landscapes of Israel, Greece and Italy. Saki has the salt lake and mud which has no analogues in the world and can compete with the Dead Sea. You always have a choice between sand and pebble beaches in Crimea. Visit the Ai-Petri Mountain by cable car to enjoy a magnificent panorama of Yalta and on the top of the mountain you’ll be surprised.

Enjoy Crimean cuisine. Crimean pakhlava – puff pastry, deep-fried and soaked in syrup is a popular delicacy. Chebureki – thin dough with various fillings such as meat or cheese, lyulya kebab – minced meat or minced meat and vegetables on skewers. These are only a few choices from a wide variety of dishes.

The tourist season in Crimea is from July to September. The hottest months are July and August. It is always possible to rent low-cost housing in any location. Crimea has two international airports in Simferopol and Sevastopol. Simferopol International Airport accommodates regular international flights. You can reach any location at peninsula from Simferopol in under 2 hours by car.

Crimea atmosphere is unique, reflects the rich history, cultural and natural diversity.