SCTA launches Vision 2020 for tourism investment in KSA


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has announced the launch of its “Vision 2020” project – the futuristic vision for tourism investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

HRH Prince Sultan Bin Salman, SCTA secretary general explained that this project aims at determining the futuristic prospects of the tourism and traveling industry in Saudi Arabia through identifying the critical factors that impacts the development of the national and international tourism investment environment in the Kingdom.

The project is expected to facilitate the estimation of the anticipated growth of tourism investment in the Kingdom as a road map for investment influx. The “Vision 2020” project will be executed in collaboration with a number of leading companies from the private and public sector in order to create the appropriate environment to promote the tourism sector to a level which raises to the expectations of the state and citizens as well.

The deputy secretary general of investment Dr. Salah Bin Khalid Al Bakhet emphasized, “SCTA is seeking to fulfill the project’s requirements and is planning to hold several workshops with investors, with the participation of specialized bodies from the private sector, to form a better understanding of their view regarding the future of tourism investment and developing the tourism supply, which is all in an effort to develop our national tourism.”