Finding Dulcinea Publishes New York City Survival Guide


NEW YORK (TVLW) – What Web sites can a New Yorker visit to learn how to estimate a taxi fare and find someone to share the ride, entertain kids while avoiding tourist traps, sail the Hudson, score cheap theater tickets, watch a video of David Byrne riding a bike through Times Square, tour a cemetery, or become a volunteer tree pruner in Central Park? Where in New York City can you find a dog-loving date, a poetry reading, a decent public bathroom, someone who will let you sleep on their couch, a 24-hour pharmacy, a sample sale, or a restaurant that is gluten-free or kosher or near a particular subway stop?

Until today, the answers to these questions were elusive; discovering them required a convoluted search of hundreds of disparate Web sites. But now all of the answers, and more, can be found on one Web site — findingDulcinea’s New York City Survival Guide.…

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The NYC Survival Guide, created over several months by a team of expert Internet researchers at findingDulcinea, contains narrated links to more than 275 carefully selected Web sites. Each link is accompanied by a concise description that explains what you’ll find when you click, so you can zoom in on what you’re searching for.

“The New York City Survival Guide is the only resource you need to visit, learn about, experience and enjoy one of the greatest cities in the world,” said Mark Moran, CEO of findingDulcinea.

“This guide reads like a love letter to New York City,” said Adam Hofstetter, Senior Editor of findingDulcinea. “Anyone reading the guide will find his or her own reason to fall in love with the City of New York, either for the first time or all over again.”

Part I of the guide, “Core Services,” contains narrated links to Web sites that help users with everyday life, such as using mass transit, and finding an apartment, locksmiths, emergency medical care, and local delivery services. Part II of the Guide, “Having Fun,” nests a collection of links to enjoying New York City from a new perspective, whether by touring famous sites neglected by most tour guides, viewing a hot art gallery exhibit in Chelsea, playing bocce in a Brooklyn bar, or one of the scores of other activities highlighted.