eTN Inbox: Obama is dirty


Our experience with even mentioning Obama is a sure way to kill a Hawaii booking.

Now that even more evidence is coming to light that he is probably not a US citizen, and therefore can not be president, doesn’t help the Hawaii travel trade. Why would a travel agency want to associate itself with a possible fraud? It’s already been clearly established that he has virulent racist feelings and his tight association with known terrorists isn’t exactly a plus either.

The best way for any travel agency to make and keep Hawaii bookings is to leave politics out of it.

How does it help the travel industry as a whole, if Obama Hussein is removed from office and we are promoting travel to his supposed “home town”? It’s best to stay away from this guy and just do what we do best … book travel. The travel industry should never show any support, even tacitly, for anyone who is probably deeply involved in criminal acts such as Acorn voter fraud and land fraud with Rezko in Chicago. He’s promised to raise taxes, and that means less money for people to travel with, which is bad for the travel industry again. This guy is dirty … there can be no doubt any longer …. the further the travel industry stays away form any association with him, the better.

Jack of
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