Regal Elephant Wedding


Mood & Tone
There are some resorts in the north and northeast of Thailand that can arrange an elephant wedding for you.
The procession and ceremony will be held most often in an open garden or field surrounded by lush vegetation. Thus, following the ceremony, you may choose to hold an outdoor reception decorated with flowers and plants that walk upon a pathway between family
and friends strewn with a carpet of soft, colorful flower petals. Once here, they will kneel for the nuptials, which could consist of a traditional water-pouring ceremony during which family and friends will lightly pour a little water on the hands of the couple who wear garlands on their head. Some couples will also include the tying of strings on
the wedding couple’s wrists by guests after which they will do the same. In Thai this is called Puk Khor Mur.
If Western couples choose, they can have a ceremony conducted in their traditional religious rites, but whichever ceremony you choose, once the vows have been exchanged and the knots tied, a celebration should be held to commemorate this act of love.

Wedding Tips
• To maintain the traditional Thai theme, choose northern handicrafts and plants and flowers to decorate the venue.
• If outdoors, tiny white lights sparkling in the trees can add to the magic of the night.
• Winter season is best for a wedding ceremony of this type. But if you do choose the rainy
season, when the vegetation is more lush, best to prepare an alternative indoor venue of the rites and reception.
• Anantara Resort Golden Triangle, 60 kilometers north of Chiang Rai International Airport is an ideal setting for a Regal Elephant Wedding, and they will take care of all the arrangements. For more information, visit