Israel and Belgium to sign agreement to widen airline competition


(TVLW) – The airports authorities of Israel and Belgium are expected to sign Tuesday a new aviation agreement to enable further competition on airline routes between the countries.

Belgium is asking for the addition of a new airline to the Liege-Tel Aviv route, along with Brussels Airlines. This will also allow Israel to issue a tender for another airline to operate flights between the countries, as El Al is currently the sole Israeli provider with scheduled flights to Brussels.

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Israel is asking for an additional agreement to allow its cargo planes to make a stopover in Belgium on their way to other destinations, such as the United States and the Far East.

Another subject likely to come up in the aviation talks, which began on Monday and are continuing Tuesday, is Brussels Airlines’ dispute with the Israel Airports Authority. The airline has complained of its delayed flights being systematically refused take-off from Ben-Gurion Airport.