Pacrim Marketing Group to publish Korean language visitor publication on Oahu


HONOLULU, HAWAII (November 18, 2008) – PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. is the new publisher for Pacific Journey, the new Oahu-based, Korean language magazine for Hawaii visitors.

PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., had been working in collaboration with former publisher Skies America Publishing Company for the past year to develop content, provide Korean translations and copywriting, and distribute Pacific Journey throughout Waikiki and on Oahu. Now as the new publisher, PacRim Marketing Group will take over the quarterly magazine’s printing and production as well, starting with its December issue.

Pacific Journey’s content includes lifestyle and fashion editorial, detailed Korean language shopping center maps and latest information, news and events at Oahu’s shopping centers, Oahu’s top golf course information, dining options including ethnic Korean restaurants, and a real estate and vacation ownership section. The magazine will continue to be distributed at the Honolulu International Airport arrival area, at hotel concierge and tour desks, at condominiums, Korean businesses, and throughout Waikiki.

In anticipation of the Korean visa waiver, which became official on Monday, November 17, PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. has been developing marketing products and solutions geared toward the Korean consumer and offering Hawaii businesses ways to reach the Korean market for more than a year now. Its recently launched products include a Korean website about Hawaii that went online in spring 2008 called and MyRez 2.0, a multilingual online reservations system, available in Korean-English, introduced in August 2008.

Dave Erdman, President and CEO of PacRim Marketing Group, Inc. said, “The requests and interests of our clients have encouraged us to dedicate more resources to this market. Our staff now includes six Korean editorial and creative staff members, as well as web specialists in Korean online website and software application development. We have anticipated for over a year the visa waiver program, and believe that this program now will strongly encourage Korean travel to Hawaii, and we have every opportunity to double or quadruple the number of Korean visitors in the near future, even in this challenging global climate.”

“We have been pleased to have worked so closely with Skies America,” said Erdman. “Their team has been terrific to work with and I have been impressed with the team’s professionalism. They have really taken on my crazy idea and this challenge of creating a Korean publication. Skies America Publishing dedicated 16 years to creating bilingual publications for Hawaii, and this project shows their ability to turn an idea into reality to help our clients meet the important opportunities presented by the Visa Waiver program for the Korean market. It’s been fun and exciting to work with their team.”

Details of the purchase have not been revealed, but PacRim notes, “It’s a win-win buyout, and Skies America will help with a smooth transition to ensure success in the Korean market that will benefit both of us.”

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