Air Mauritius gives a new boost to its image with the unveiling of a new visual identity


PORT LOUIS, Mauritius – Air Mauritius has today revealed its new visual identity including a modernised and vibrant logotype which symbolises the airline’s new ambitions. An energised “Paille en Queue”, the mythic tropic bird, soars through the air, providing a new drive to the national airline. This latest move completes the process already initiated with the new cabin design and new uniforms.

On the 1st of July, the airline completed the reconfiguration of all its medium and long haul aircraft and introduced a new two class cabin layout. A new warmer cabin design gives passengers a feel of Mauritius as soon as they step on board. New uniforms were launched in October. A revamped Kestrel Frequent Flyer program was earlier introduced in April. The airline has concurrently reinforced its international partnerships providing more destinations and more frequencies to its passengers, and uplifting Mauritius’ status as the Indian Ocean hub.

This drive for improving our offer takes a new meaning today with the unveiling of our new visual identity. As the national airline of the Republic of Mauritius, Air Mauritius is the lifeline and flagship of the country. The new version of its logo was a natural evolution in line with the airline’s quest for modernity, refinement and friendliness.

“The Paille en queue has been associated with Air Mauritius since its creation. It symbolises the national airline in the hearts and minds of all Mauritians. This is why we decided to retain this icon and instill a new dynamism with the new look. The new logo and new visual identity recall the four stripes of our national flag as a clear demonstration of the strong bond which exists between the company and the country. This new visual identity will be progressively introduced on our aircraft and all our communication tools.” says Manoj R.K. Ujoodha, G.O.S.K., CEO of Air Mauritius during a presentation of the new corporate identity to the press this afternoon in the presence of the Chairman of the Board, Mr Sanjay Bhuckory.

During the recent years, Air Mauritius has faced a more challenging environment ranging from the opening of air access which has introduced more competition, the pressure on costs arising from high oil prices and volatile foreign exchange patterns. As the national airline, Air Mauritius turned these challenges into opportunities for growth and engaged a change process designed to reinforce the airline’s leadership role in the region and to support the tourism industry’s growth objectives of two million tourists in the medium term. The airline also remains committed to play its role as lifeline and will continually adapt its offer in line with customer expectations.