Students protected in case of airline bankruptcy


The recent bankruptcies of several major airlines and student travel agencies are a timely reminder to be careful and make sure our students are well protected – both physically, and financially. In order to bring additional financial security and peace of mind to the student travel market, the ISE Card (International Student Exchange Identity Card) is including as part of its travel assistance benefits, airline ticket protection up to US$2,000.

Students who have the ISE Card are now protected in the event of airline bankruptcy. This protection applies to any and all student airline tickets purchased by an ISE Cardholder from an authorized ISE Card agent. In addition, it also covers airline tickets purchased by ISE Cardholders directly form an airline using a credit card (not debit card). This ISE Card protection will reimburse any ISE Cardholder up to 100% of the amount paid for an airline ticket no longer being honored by the airline due to bankruptcy on the part of the airline. Information on this and other benefits of the ISE Card can be found at Airline Bankruptcy Protection for Students.

The ISE Card offers its cardholders travel assistance through the Worldwide Assistance office located in Washington, D.C. Operators are ready to help 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and are fluent in 20 languages. The Worldwide Assistance Center can be reached at 800 368 7878 from within North America or from all other parts of the world please call USA 202 331 1596 (all collect calls are accepted).

The ISE Card traces it’s founding to 1958, and since that time, not a single student holding an ISE Card has ever lost any money due to the financial collapse of either an authorized travel agent or an airline. Even during the massive collapse of Pan American Airways many years ago, or more recently, Swissair, Varig, Ansett, Aloha, Nationwide, (the list goes on and on), no ISE Cardholder has lost any money. ISE Cards can offer this protection because its agents are carefully selected, and deal almost exclusively in genuine IATA (International Airline Transportation Association) issued airline tickets.