Thailand’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Expands Its Fleet with 2 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s


Bangkok, Thailand (TVLW) – Nok Air, a leading Thai low-cost airline, is introducing two 190-seat Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s as it further expands its network.

The aircraft will have a dynamic-style exterior design in colors that reflect Nok Air’s innovative approach. The interior will be equipped with the modern designs with larger windows for better views and excellent on board entertainment systems.

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Patee Sarasin, CEO of Nok Air said, “As Nok Air expands its network, we are looking to add to our fleet with aircraft that fit our criteria, and the Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s is our choice, with its improved comfort and performance. Its fuel efficiency means that it is kinder to the environment and the reduced fuel consumption is certainly a positive in this era of high fuel costs. We are looking forward to having these planes flying the Nok bird colors.”

“This is another strong endorsement of the 737,” said Christopher Flint, Boeing director of Sales for Thailand. “Nok Air will use these new 737-800s to give its customers the best service available in terms of reliability and comfort.”

The 737 is the newest and most advanced single-aisle airplane. It flies higher, faster and farther than previous models and competitors. Its flight deck features liquid-crystal flat-panel displays and is designed to accommodate new communications and flight-management capabilities.