New global travel management service debuts from UNIGLOBE


LONDON, England; VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – UNIGLOBE Travel International executives representing the Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Asia, and the Middle East joined company President and Chief Operating Officer Martin Charlwood in London, England, over the weekend to launch a new global travel management service.

Global Solutions is a business travel division of UNIGLOBE designed for a growing segment of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with multinational travel management demands. Membership consists of an elite roster of UNIGLOBE experts in business travel management services, located in key global markets.

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Global Solutions uses a consultative approach to tailor programs to client needs. Teams work with SME leadership to determine scope of services, monitor travel expenditures, recommend cost-savings, and provide emergency support to employees traveling across multiple countries.

“International business travel isn’t exclusive to large multinationals,” says Charlwood, “Today, startups are as likely to be establishing a presence on the other side of the world as they are on their home continents. Global Solutions members are focused on delivering consistent, high-quality tools and services to SMEs in all of the countries in which they conduct business, bringing in the right expertise at the right time to meet evolving travel management demands.”

Global Solutions members work on a common technology platform to ensure seamless data collection and reporting. UNIGLOBE backs Global Solutions with a personalized service promise and quality oversight from international headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Global Solutions is a specialized division of UNIGLOBE Travel International LP that delivers business travel management solutions to multinational companies. Membership is comprised of top-performing travel consultancies stationed in key international markets, offering expertise in strategic travel planning, management services, and reporting. Global Solutions is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For a list of international offices, visit .


Working globally to serve clients locally across more than 60 countries, UNIGLOBE Travel leverages current technologies and preferred vendor pricing to deliver leading edge travel management services and save clients time and money on business and vacation travel planning. For more than 30 years, corporate and leisure travelers have depended on the UNIGLOBE brand to deliver services that go beyond expectations. Uniglobe Travel International LP is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.