China’s travel agency apologizes to Taiwan tourists for forced shopping


While Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman Chen Yunlin promised that there would be a harmonious and pleasant trip for Taiwanese people to travel in China, a Chinese tour guide had bullied Taiwanese tourists for unwanted shopping. Sun Jianping, president of the Suzhou Travel Agency that organized the trip, publicly apologized to the tourists and vowed to discipline the abominable tour guide.

In his four-point statement, Sun offered apology to Taiwan tourists being rudely treated. The travel agency had disciplined the guide and suggested to governing authorities that his license be evoked. The agency would enhance education to all employees and be willing to compensate Taiwan tourists for their losses, said Sun.

Sun also said that the travel agency would go through a thorough review of the incident, striving to improve their service quality.

Recently, a group of retired teachers traveling in Suzhou had been forced by the tour guide to buy some products in a specific shop. When they refused to do so, the guide locked everyone in the tour bus, turned off the air conditioner and forbade them from going to the restroom. After the exposure of his bullying act, Suzhou City government began the investigation and the travel agency president apologized for the unfortunate incident.