All clear for Grand Cayman from Hurricane Paloma


GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman – The all clear for Grand Cayman from Hurricane Paloma has been issued by the government of the Cayman Islands. Currently the damage is being assessed and is expected to be minimal. A more formal damage assessment will be released in the next few hours. As of 9:30 am this morning, the sun is shining in Grand Cayman.

“We are relieved that no loss of life or major property damage has been reported on the island,” said The Honorable Charles Clifford. “Many hotels are open and even expecting to receive new visitors for check-in today.”

Steve Broadbelt, owner of Cayman Diving Lodge and president of Cayman Islands Tourism Association whose property, Ocean Frontiers, in the east end of Grand Cayman, closest to where the hurricane passed, is pleased to report that tourism businesses in Grand Cayman are reporting only very minimal damage, “Many hotels and resorts have remained open or will re-open within
48 hours.”

Many restaurants and bars will re-open today or tomorrow. Water sports operators and other attractions will most likely resume operations from Monday. Many commercial and public docks remain intact – primarily due to the lower than expected storm surge.”

Owen Roberts International Airport has confirmed that no major damage was sustained to the commercial or private, plane terminals, and the airport has reopened for business. All travelers are recommended to call their airline and property for additional updates.

A hurricane warning remains in effect for the Sister Islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac as Paloma remains a category 4 hurricane.

Paloma has taken a more northeasterly, forward motion, which has resulted in the eye of the hurricane impacting both Little Cayman and Cayman Brac during the early part of this morning. Expected storm surge for the Sister Islands of 4 to 8 feet and wave heights of 15 to 25 feet are likely. Rain bands associated with Paloma will potentially affect the Cayman Islands through Sunday afternoon.