IIPT and eTurboNews calls for support of Peace Boat


STOWE, VT – IIPT founder and president Louis D’Amore and eTurbo News publisher Thomas Steinmetz is calling for urgent support of Peace Boat, which is facing a critical situation.

Peace Boat’s ship has been stranded in Izmir, Turkey for close to two weeks, with engine problems and other defects resulting from lack of proper maintenance by the ship’s owners. Peace Boat started the charter of a new ship – Clipper Pacific – in May 2008 and since then have faced several problems and delays with the vessel in New York, Florida, Alaska, Viet Nam, and Singapore for a total of over 3 weeks.

Although the ship’s owners have promised repeatedly that the situation would soon be resolved and that Peace Boat would be sailing, the ship is not moving. Peace Boat has over 700 passengers on board, including 100 Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) who were sailing on the “Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World – Peace Boat Hibakusha Project.”

The idea of this project is to bring the Hibakusha around the world to tell their personal stories of the atomic bombing in order to share directly with governments and civil society in each port of call about the horror and devastation of nuclear weapons. As the Hibakusha are nearing the end of their lives, this project will be one of the last chances for people to hear direct testimony.

Just one month into this historic voyage, the passengers and Hibakusha are stranded. Peace Boat is asking for your voices in support of this project and to help re-launch the ship!

Peace Boat asks that you write to them at: support@peaceboat.gr.jp
WITH YOUR NAME, COUNTRY AND – IF YOU CAN – YOUR ORGANIZATION AND POSITION. Following is a sample letter format you may choose to use:

To: Torben G. Jensen, president and CEO of the Clipper Group and Niels-Erik Lund, president of ISP, Ltd.

Subject: Do Not Destroy the Atomic Bomb Survivors’ Voyage – Keep Peace Boat Sailing!

(Name of organization) strongly supports the important work of Peace Boat. We have learned with dismay that the current voyage is in jeopardy and that the Hibakusha project – a historical initiative and an important contribution to peace in the world – could be ended abruptly if the ship’s owners do not take urgent action.

We urge you to send the ship safely upon its way from Izmir immediately. If this is not possible, then we urge you to fulfill your responsibility for this historic project and ensure that Peace Boat keeps sailing on its voyage by sending an alternative ship to pick up the passengers and Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors).

The Hibakusha project is an asset to humanity. We insist that you do not destroy the Hibakusha’s hope for a nuclear-free world – keep the Peace Boat sailing. Your response and immediate action as responsible ship owners would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,