Travel and tourism sector convenes to draft recommendations for President-elect Barack Obama


LEXINGTON, KY — Leaders of the travel and tourism sector of the national economy will convene to share ideas and prepare recommendations to assist President-elect Barack Obama in accelerating the economy through travel and tourism. The outcomes will be presented to President-elect Obama, his transition team, and key members of Congress following a meeting in Washington, DC on December 16.

A broad cross-section of travel and tourism leaders has been invited to be a part of creating workable solutions for the struggling economy. The participation of more than 20 organizations has been confirmed including leaders representing packaged travel, lodging, travel agents, cruise lines, ground transportation, air transportation, and special interest travel, according to the National Tour Association, which is managing the effort.

NTA believes it is the duty of the travel and tourism sector of the national economy to step up immediately and deliver recommendations to President-elect Obama on how travel and tourism can stimulate the national economy. As a first step, this cross-section of travel leaders has been invited to submit ideas and convene to develop the recommendations.

“We believe it is critical to equip President-elect Obama and his administration with the ways in which travel can fuel the US economy,” said NTA president Lisa Simon, CTP. “We know that travel and tourism is a way to quickly inject new jobs, new income, and new tax revenues into our national economy. We simply need a unified plan to make it happen.”

Strategic partners and leaders within the travel and tourism sector have been asked to prepare their policy and cooperative marketing ideas, share them in advance with the entire group and then attend the summit in Washington, DC where the plans can be prioritized and coordinated into pragmatic solutions to assist the economic recovery within the United States. The collective recommendations of the group will be presented to President-elect Obama and his Transition Team promptly thereafter.

The travel and tourism sector of the national economy contributes US$700 billion to the United States annually.