Travelers’ Philanthropy Conference gains active participation


Just a month before a historic Travelers’ Philanthropy Conference takes place in Tanzania, a positive and promising participation trend has been observed.

Organizers of the conference have expressed great optimism on the good preparations so far achieved and the post-conference impacts to target communities in Africa.

Reports from the conference coordinators reached eTN in Tanzania Tuesday showed over 150 registered participants, mostly the early bird registered ones, with more to jot their names as days go closer to the conference date.

Organizers told eTN that participants from many countries had registered to attend this milestone conference. Some are coming from South Africa, Nigeria, India, United Kingdom, United Sstate, Costa Rica, Australia, Dominica, Mozambique, Namibia, Canada, Uganda, Kenya and the host country, Tanzania.

They were also quoted saying, “The 2008 Travelers’ Philanthropy Conference is approaching quickly and registration is filling up fast. To be a part of this important event, please make sure you register as soon as possible”.

The conference rate is US$ 495 and can be paid online but payment can also be made in Tanzanian currency (shilling) for participants using local Tanzanian currency.

There will be a limited amount of exhibition space at the conference, as well as opportunities to advertise in the conference program, organizers said, while advising prospective participants to visit the conference website to check for rates.

The eagerly and much awaited humanitarian travel trade conference has already attracted Tanzanian companies and the media to learn more about the other side of tourism benefits other than business.

A film crew for the first ever Travelers’ Philanthropy Conference documentary has wrapped up production which organizers were quoted saying, “We are We are very excited to premier the film, ‘Travelers’ Philanthropy: Donating Time, Talent, and Treasure’, at our 2008 conference.

The team from Stanford University – Peter Jordan and Charlene Music – has worked tirelessly in Costa Rica and East Africa to document sound travelers’ philanthropy projects.

Organizers are making every effort to hold an environmentally and socially responsible conference with our initiatives that include offsetting the carbon footprint of the conference, offering over 100 full or partial scholarships to participants from non-profit and community-based organizations in Africa and other developing countries.

Other tasks are purchasing local products for the conference wherever possible and using an environmentally responsible printing company for conference documents.

They are also working to offer safaris to participants through bookings from responsible tourist safari companies operating in Tanzania that support community development and conservation projects

“Our team has done a magnificent job to bring you this one-stop shop for research, updates and news on travelers’ philanthropy. We are very excited about the new features on the site such as the Travel Tips, Community Forum, and the Community Projects directory that profiles the growing number of successful local development and conservation programs supported through travelers’ philanthropy initiatives”, statement from organizers said.

“We are very proud to welcome two new sponsors, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and the United Nations Foundation (UNF), who have recently provided funds to underwrite some of the costs of the conference. We are grateful for their generosity”, organizers concluded.

Travelers’ Philanthropy is a program of the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development (CESD), a US based non-government organization committed to “transforming the way the world travels”.