Congo strife escalates


New information have emerged from well-informed sources in Kigali about the latest news from the Eastern Congo, in as far as deployment of foreign troops are concerned.

According to reliable sources, indications are now firming up there that Zimbabwean troops have been flown into the area and are deploying to hold defense lines deserted by rampaging regime units on the run from General Nkunda’s troops.

Other sources also made a strong point that the looting, destruction and raping reported in the global media was carried out solely by Kinshasa’s rag tag army units, now in full retreat from the advancing rebels‚ as they are being termed by an increasingly desperate regime in the far away capital. The crimes committed by these units took place in and around Goma just prior to their hasty withdrawal, leaving little doubt on who is to blame for these acts.

Should foreign troop contingents, outside MONUC, be involved in the present round of fighting, it may bring back a situation of the first Congo war, when several African countries fought on different sides inside the Congolese territory, preventing Kinshasa from being reached and taken by groups opposed to Kabila and his allies.

The same sources also insisted on a dialogue by international mediators‚ with all concerned parties, instead of blaming General Nkunda alone when in fact the Hutu militias roamed Eastern Congo freely without hindrance from MONUC or Kinshasa army personnel, while at the same time only Tutsi composed units were targeted in open bias and partisan behavior.

If the comments received are correct (corroborating evidence is being sought right now), then present fighting on the government side is carried out by an alliance of the Hutu genocide militias and Zimbabwean army units recently deployed, while government‚ forces have beaten a hasty retreat from the disputed areas.

Neither MONUC nor Congo Embassy sources were willing to comment on the allegations at the time of going to press.