13 Virgin Atlantic employees who slammed airline on Facebook sacked


Fancy a spot of freedom of speech with your tea and crumpets? Jolly good, just watch it when you talk about your employer.

A group of 13 cabin crew staff got sacked by Virgin Atlantic after company officials discovered that they had posted nasty things about customers to a semi-private discussion group on Facebook. The airline founded by Sir Richard Branson began an investigation on October 23 after passengers and other staff members came across the postings, which hilariously referred to certain customers as “chavs” and claim that some of the company’s 747s were infested with cockroaches.

It’s a shame to get kicked to the curb just for bitching about your job to your co-workers, since everybody who has ever had a job has done exactly that, but this crew should have known better. Facebook might lull people into a false sense of privacy, since groups are only open to members, but those sophisticated enough to work for an airline should know by now that anything you put into pixels could easily make it into the public domain.

Somehow absent from the coverage of this event is whether their charges are true. Are Virgin Atlantic flights filled with chavs and cockroaches? Please report sightings of one or the other in the comments.