Orbitz Worldwide statement concerning ruling on preliminary injunction


CHICAGO, IL – The following is a statement from Orbitz Worldwide concerning the recent ruling issuing a preliminary injunction in the Vanguard Car Rental USA, Inc. v. Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., a case currently pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County:

“While Orbitz Worldwide respects the court, we disagree with its decision and are disappointed with this preliminary injunction ruling. We strongly believe we acted in a way permitted by our contract rights to display search results that provide value to our customers.

“It remains Orbitz’ position that Vanguard Car Rental is using a lawsuit to get results from Orbitz that Vanguard and Orbitz did not agree to in the parties’ contract.

“Orbitz is evaluating its legal and commercial options. As always, we will remain focused on providing value to our customers who remain our top priority.”