Travika launches and appoints Michael Fisher as president


SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Travika, the newly-formed travel solutions company, announced today the appointment of Michael Fisher as its president. Travika changes the way representation companies do business. Travika has a business model that is based on performance and accountability, not the old-style, traditional, expensive, monthly-retainer model. Travika is part of The Big Sky Group, a travel industry holding company. It has executive offices in New York and Arizona, as well as 40 offices around the world.

“Travika represents a new breed of global travel service provider. We have heard from so many companies that monthly retainers and no guarantees on ROI are totally unacceptable in today’s business environment. We are the antidote to retainer fee driven agreements and with 40 worldwide offices, we can deliver international business. We bring accountability,” said Fisher, president, Travika.

Fisher further added, “In addition, our solutions are fully customized. As an example, if you are in hospitality and you need a global GSA, you don’t necessarily want to inherit an ex-airline executive to market your hotel product in the chosen local market. We custom fit the resources to your defined product or service that meet your budgetary needs.”

Ian Quartermaine, CEO and co-founder of The Big Sky Group noted, “We are delighted to have Michael head up Travika. Our value proposition is unbeatable and perfect for companies focused on generating international business combined with a performance-based model without expensive monthly retainers.”

“Hotels, airlines, destinations, and other travel related companies need help and they need it now. Michael will do very well in our entrepreneurial environment. I have worked with Michael for over 20 years, from his early Allied Tours days. He is straight forward, respected, trusted, and gets the job done,” said Bob Gilbert, president and co-founder of The Big Sky Group.