CROTONE, Italy – SEM Spa (SEM South European Aircraft Maintenance Center Spa) will start construction this year of a 40,000 square meter maintenance hangar at the Saint Anna airport, located in Crotone, Italy. The hangar will cost approximately 150 million Euros and will create around 400 new jobs when inaugurated in late 2010.

The decision to build the largest aircraft maintenance hangar in Europe puts Italy back into the limelight of international aviation. The hangar will be used for servicing widebody aircraft and will have the capacity of accommodating six Airbus A 380s or ten Boeing 747 aircrafts.

SEM Spa, founded in 2004, is a project and building company. The development and pre-planning phase was finalized this month. The next steps will comprise the approval and detailed planning, as well as all the preparatory work for the beginning of the construction, scheduled for the turn of the year.

The entire plant will be erected on an area covering approximately 18 hectares. The total land area covered – the floor space of the hangar – comprises 40,000 square meters. With six independent service bays, including administration, storage and social rooms, they provide adequate space to guarantee harmonious working conditions.

The construction of this hangar meets Europe’s demand for widebody aircraft maintenance capacity over the next ten years. International demand for servicing facilities for widebody aircraft has increased substantially, especially in recent months. SEM Spa is currently beefing up their planning team in order to lay the cornerstone in the coming autumn if possible. Due to its size, the building will represent a landmark at the Crotone airport.