International trusted traveler program now available at LAX, Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta


WASHINGTON, DC – US Customs and Border Protection announced today that Global Entry enrollment centers are now open at four additional international US airports.

Global Entry is a new program to allow approved US citizens and lawful permanent residents returning to the US to use the Global Entry kiosk as an alternative to the regular passport control line. At the kiosk, Global Entry members will activate the system by inserting their US passport or lawful permanent resident card into a document reader. The kiosk will direct travelers to provide digital fingerprints and will compare that biometric data with the fingerprints on file.

Global Entry travelers will be prompted to answer declaration-related questions on the kiosk’s touch-screen. A transaction receipt will be issued upon completion that must be presented to CBP officers prior to leaving the inspection area.

“Opening these four additional Global Entry sites will allow US citizens and lawful permanent residents traveling internationally to and from these areas, to fully participate and enjoy the benefits of this program,” said Paul Morris, CBP’s executive director of admissibility and passenger programs. “CBP is pleased to be able to provide this program to expedite the process of returning to the US for low-risk international air travelers.”

The program’s expansion to Los Angeles International, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, Chicago O’Hare International, and Miami International airports was announced August 12. Global Entry applicants are now able to complete their interview and biometric data collection at these sites.

Global Entry kiosks were installed at the four expansion airports on October 2 and at additional international terminals at John F. Kennedy International Airport on October 17.

The Global Entry pilot program began on June 6 at JFK, George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, and Washington Dulles International airports. To date, approximately 4,000 members have already enrolled and more than 1,700 Global Entry members have used kiosks at the three, existing, pilot locations.

Global Entry is currently only open to US citizens or lawful permanent residents.