Varadero anticipating one million tourists


VARADERO — Cuba’s top beach resort has received more than 700,000 tourists to date and the conditions exist for the year to end with a total of one million visitors for the first time in the history of tourism in that province.

“Varadero has been strengthening its position as a destination,” emphasized Amado Acosta Hernández, Ministry of Tourism delegate in Matanzas province. “We have maintained progressive growth since the second semester of 2007 and, specifically this year, we are seeing the best results in overall indicators, although we know we can be still more efficient.”

Varadero has a total of 17,300 hotel rooms, and according to experts, it is highly likely that in February and March, the peak of the high season, the daily rate of tourists will exceed 30,000, a record set last season.

Acosta Hernández explained to Granma that damages from the recent hurricanes are insignificant; they were localized in the structures of several hotels, above all windows and roofs, along with landscaping and gardens. “We are now completely back to normal and preparing for the high season,” he said.

Leading up to the winter period, some of the most important actions include beefing up beaches with sand, with a current accumulation of 35,000 cubic meters.

The process of restoring facilities is particularly comprehensive at the Breezes Varadero, Tuxpan and Las Morlas hotels.

Acosta Hernández added that work is underway to improve roads, street signs and lighting. Because of the competition in this industry, a greater emphasis should be placed on service quality, he commented.