Investment in rutile TiO2 to provide lucrative growth opportunities for titanium dioxide market players

Investment in rutile TiO2 to provide lucrative growth opportunities for titanium dioxide market players

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Selbyville, Delaware, United States, September 11 2020 (Wiredrelease) Global Market Insights, Inc –:Recent years have witnessed profound traction for titanium dioxide that has become ubiquitous in a slew of applications, including cosmetics, pulp & paper, paint, textile, and food industries.

Notably, pigment-grade titanium dioxide has become highly sought-after in end-markets that demand brightness and opacity. Besides, use of titanium dioxide in plastics, rubber and adhesives to reduce fading, brittleness and cracking will become more pronounced in the ensuing period.

In the recently compiled research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., titanium dioxide market size has been projected to surpass US$ 27 bn by 2026.

Industry dynamics and trends that are poised to shape the growth trajectory in the market are delineated below:

Trends in cosmetics:

Lately, the consumers have been doing away with traditional sunscreen chemicals such as octinoxate and oxybenzone and are foraying into titanium dioxide with sunscreen formulations. Trend in cosmetics, such as sunscreen lotion and skin care products is likely to be witnessed as titanium dioxide is claimed to protect the skin from UV radiation.

Traction for TiO2 in personal care products, including blush, pressed powders and sunscreen will be trendier among end-markets. In addition, pigment-grade titanium dioxide will be highly desirable in cosmetics to boost brightening and ward off blemishes of the skin.

Traction in food to stimulate growth:

With stakeholders exhibiting traction for TiO2 in foods, titanium dioxide market value is likely to surge by leaps and bounds in the next few years. Prominently, Tio2 tends to protect food, pharmaceuticals and supplements from premature degradation and also bolsters the durability or shelf life of the product.

Manufacturers of TiO2 are optimistic about the fact that titanium dioxide will gain impetus in capsule coatings, drug tablets and as a decorative aid in some of the foods.

It is worth noting that TiO2 will be instrumental in the production of titanium oxide nanoparticles and titanium metal, thereby fueling the industry growth.

Potential opportunities lie in anatase:

Industry analysis predicts crystalline modification of TiO2 such as anatase to provide lucrative growth opportunities for stakeholders eyeing to expand their footings in the untapped areas. To put things in perspective, anatase has become a catalyst in color additive for food stuffs and is setting the trend in sub-coating of confectionary panned goods and beverages. Notably, the U.S. FDA has perused the safety of titanium dioxide pigment as a color additive in cosmetic, food and drug applications and has stated that TiO2 would be used safely in cosmetics. North America may well be a viable investment hub for well-established players and startups looking to boost their portfolios.

Growing palpability of rutile titanium dioxide for manufacturing papers, plastics and paints will provide revenue generating opportunities for industry players. Strikingly, rutile TiO2 nanoparticles are said to be in high demand in cosmetics for they have the innate ability of absorbing UV rays and are transparent to visible light.

Perceived challenge:

With International Agency for Research on Cancer classifying titanium dioxide as a Group 2B carcinogen, the business outlook may experience a subtle hindrance. However, counter arguments have been that there has been no such link between increased risk for cancer in humans to occupational exposure to TiO2.

Amid perceived challenges, positive growth outlook has been projected as traction for TiO2 will be witnessed in an ocean of applications, including paints, cosmetics, among several others. Looking forward, stakeholders will focus towards rutile titanium dioxide.

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