New venture makes Sweden more accessible


(TVLW) – Business organisation, RTS, the Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation, and public players are cooperating on a new venture. The parties have agreed to develop Sweden Door-to-Door – the world’s first national travel service for the general public. The service includes Sweden’s entire transport range. The vision of making Sweden accessible to more people is being realised.

Sweden Door-to-Door is being developed in cooperation between RTS, the Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation, and a number of public players. Sweden Door-to-Door will be the world’s first national and neutral service to coordinate all information required for booking and purchasing trips within a country. Consequently, Sweden’s entire range of transportation will be accessible and available for consumers, who can plan, book and purchase for their trips on the single site.

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The objective of Sweden Door-to-Door is to satisfy people’s demands for simple and efficient travel from point A to point B. All means of travel will be accessible and bookable based on personal preferences in terms of prices, travel time or mode of transport. By linking Sweden’s transport and tourist offerings, Sweden Door-to-Door is expected to contribute to strong growth within the travel and tourism industry, which will also generate regional development and new job opportunities.

– We have already launched a national travel planner, and we will now link our entire country for Swedish and foreign visitors. Travellers will have the possibility of travel that is sustainable, economic and simple. Capacity utilisation of Swedish infrastructure will be better and more efficient when all travel alternatives become visible,” says Jan Lundin, Managing Director, Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation, who is the principal and owner of Sweden Door-to-Door.

The ambition is for Sweden Door-to-Door to be available wherever consumers search for information regarding booking trips to and from selected destinations. The development of Sweden Door-to-Door will occur within the framework of RTS’s operation. With the business organisation as owner, this will guarantee the neutral position between all types of transport in Sweden.

During the spring of 2008, Sweden Door-to-Door will include 80 per cent of all Sweden’s travel alternatives. From the beginning, all general, timetable-based modes of transport systems will be included, as well as route directions and maps. During 2009, Sweden Door-to-Door will be launched in its entirety. The vision for Sweden Door-to-Door was expressed already in 2003 in connection with the Framtidsprogram (“Future Programme”)*.

– We want to make it easier for everyone to travel sustainably. In their work on the government-sponsored assignment KOLL framåt**, the Road and Rail Administrations have seen that Sweden Door-to-Door provides for many of the needs and demands of travellers, the business sector and decision-makers,” says Hans Rode, Head of Development at the Swedish National Road Administration.

Sweden Door-to-Door is supported by RTS, which represents the business industry, and the National Road Administration, which represents the public players. Present at the press conference were the Minister of Infrastructure, associates from public organisations and the travel and tourism industry.